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Directing Donations to help the Haitian Relief

Three very worthy aid organizations are helping the Haitian people: The Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Order of Malta. Monies collected get to those in need!


Many of us will want to help those who are suffering in Haiti – firstly with prayer and secondly with material support.  However, getting the material support to those who need it most is going to be very difficult given the severity of the disaster.  Moreover spurious organizations will most likely spring up and so we, as good stewards of God’s gifts, must be careful about who we send our donations too.  


1. AVSI.jpgAVSI is an international charitable organization started by Communion and Liberation because I know my donation will reach those who need it.  AVSI has been present in Haiti since 1999 working in the agriculture, food security, education and social sectors in neighborhoods around Port au Prince as well as in Les Cayes in the south.  On the occasion of previous emergencies, flooding in 2004 and 2008, AVSI implemented emergency relief operations with international donors.

Any donations to assist AVSI’s emergency program in Haiti can be received by AVSI-USA, it is tax deductible, and will be channeled to AVSI in Haiti.


Information about AVSI and their appeal for Haiti can be found here.


Checks can be made payable to “AVSI-USA” with “Haiti Emergency” in the memo and  sent to AVSI-USA: 529 14th Street NW, Suite 994, Washington, DC 20045.


2. CRS.jpgTremendous work is being done by Catholic Relief Services in Haiti all the time. Please consider giving a tax-deductible contribution to CRS to help them in this endeavor. The Archbishop of New Yorkm, Timothy Dolan, recommends support of CRS.


You can give directly through the CRS Web site here or by typing into your Web browser. Or call 1-800-736-3467.


Order of Malta.jpg3. The Order of Malta-American Association supports three major missions in Haiti. Each of these missions is in desperate need of funds to provide emergency relief and medical assistance and to buy food for starving children, mothers and fathers, and elderly Haitians. The Haitian  people depend upon us for help during this crisis and for the foreseeable future.


The three missions in Haiti associated with the American Association include:

      • Haitian Health Foundation
      • Hôpital Sacré Coeur – Crudem
      • Hope for Haiti

      The Haitian Health Foundation has the facilities and the expertise to manufacture food which will be desperately needed. Hope for Haiti is organizing airlifts and busloads of critical food and medical supplies. Hôpital Sacré Coeur will be a triage connected to Operation Hope. These three Malta organizations are trusted stewards of your generosity.

    • Each of these organizations will guarantee that 100% of the monies will go toward emergency relief for those in need and tax deductible. To donate to the Order of Malta visit here.


      Since I can personally vouch for them, I am sending a donations to AVSI and to the Order of Malta.



      Gianna –The Catholic Healthcare Center for Women

      My eyes were opened the other day at the Natural Family Planning seminar for clergy we had at Saint Joseph Seminary especially with the introduction of a new center for women’s health in midtown Manhattan. The Gianna Center is an incredible development –even a gift of the Holy Spirit– for the Church not only in New York, the Tri-State area but indeed for the entire United States. In fact, the brand new center is due to be launched on November 23, 2009 two blocks from Grand Central Station.

      Gianna Healthcare for Women logo.jpg

      Looking at the Gianna Center you will find a wholistic (comprehensive) approach to women’s healthcare. Their approach in working with issues of reproduction is to intensely pay attention to a woman’s cycle to correct problems without suppressing or destroying the ability to naturally conceive a child. The medical approach here is to work for high effectiveness that respects the dignity of person, adhering to Christ and the Church, and giving a healthy alternative to IVF (which is against all these things).
      Gianna will provide a full spectrum of obstetrics and family practice medicine. It will also be a center for medical ethics that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Likewise, it will teach the methods of Natural Family Planning and NaProTechnology.
      The Gianna Center is the convergence in medicine of faith and reason. It brings together the heart of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ today: God loves us so much that He wants us to be in relationship with Him through His Son in the Holy Spirit living in happiness. In speaking of the heart I am not indicating the subjective feelings of the person that may be as variable as there are people in the world. But what I am suggesting here is that the heart is the locus of our affection for reality as it is presented to us and not as what we want it to be. Another words, we need to deal with the God-given reality that we have in front of us, it is the condition of our happiness desired for us by God. Dealing with reality in this way is the same way we have to deal with the size of the foot we have at the end of our leg: we can’t alter its size because it is given. The reality in this case is the cooperating with God in bringing human life into this world as God has intended it to happen.
      Hence, putting (keeping?) faith and reason together was the work of Pope John Paul II and it is the current work of Pope Benedict XVI. It is the daily work of the members of groups like Communion & Liberation and Opus Dei aiming as Luigi Giussani said in the Religious Sense, toward “the sense of responsibility toward destiny.” AND in my opinion the work of the Gianna Center brings together faith and reason because it has the affection for human reality as it is presented to the world because it is God-given.

      Gianna founders.jpg

      The Gianna Center is the brainchild of Joan Nolan and Dr. Anne Mielnik. Of course, no project worthy of mention is done in a vacuum. It’s ably assisted by Dr. Kyle Beiter, Jamey Johnston and Jena McFadden and co-funded by Saint Vincent’s Hospital and the John Paul II Center.
      Contact information
      15 East 40th Street, Suite 101
      New York, NY 10016 USA

      NFP (Natural Family Planning): formation for a fertile life

      Saint Joseph Seminary – Dunwoodie was the setting today for a clergy seminar on Natural Family Planning (NFP) sponsored by the Archdiocese of New York Family & Respect Life Offices, The Couple to Couple League International and with the generosity of others as well. Some 40 clergy types (priests, deacons and seminarians) attended. It was a blessing to have Dr Theresa Notare, Dr Kyle Beiter, Richard & Vicki Braun, Dr. Jack Burnham, Fr John Higgins, Andrew & Tracey Pappalrdo, and Erik & Anne Tozzi as presenters.

      So what did I learn today?
      YOU can control YOUR reproductive health care sensibly and morally without spending tons of money and selling your values. The point of the day was to introduce us to the most wholistic, safe form of family planning that there is today. This approach is pro-life, pro-woman, pro-faith, and pro-humanity. NFP is totally Catholic. It shows that it’s possible for a husband and wife to communicate and to collaborate with each other on all facets of life, especially the facet of sex and reproduction.

      Read more ...

      Breast cancer & abortion link

      Confirming prior research a team of doctors released their findings in the World Journal of Surgical Oncology that there is a 66% increase of breast cancer among women who have had an abortion.

      You can read the news article here.

      Can Barack Obama Be Converted on Abortion?

      Jesuit Father Edward Oakes has a brilliant essay on changing President Obama’s mind on abortion.

      You need to read the essay.

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