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Sr Marie Simon-Pierre: If you believe, you will see the glory of God

Holiness is all that matters. Period. Being with God is the ultimate goal of every Christian’s desire. The holiness of
a person whose cause is being considered for beatification rests on the
verification of a miracle -done by God at the request of another, in the case
at hand, at John Paul’s intercession. The person who received the gift of the miraculous
healing was Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, a sister of the Congregation of the Little
Sisters of Catholic Motherhood. Sister Marie Simon-Pierre was living with Parkinson’s
and attributes a complete healing to the intercession of Pope John Paul II. The
pope suffered from the same disease. The following testimony given in 2006 and
verified by medical professionals last autumn, sealed the case to beatify Pope John Paul II.
Zenit provided the text.

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre.jpeg

In June 2001, I was diagnosed
with Parkinson’s disease. The disease had affected the whole left side of my
body, creating great difficulties for me as I am left-handed. After three
years, the initial phase of the disease, slow but progressive, was followed by
an aggravation of the symptoms: accentuation of the trembling, rigidity, pain,

From April 2, 2005, I began to worsen week by week, I grew worse day
by day, I was unable to write (I repeat that I am left-handed), and if I
attempted it, what I wrote was unintelligible. I could drive only for short
trips because my left leg would stiffen sometimes, and my rigidity would have
impeded my driving. Moreover, to do my work in a hospital, it took more time
than usual. I was exhausted.

After learning my diagnosis, it was difficult for
me to watch John Paul II on television. However, I felt very close to him in
prayer and I knew he could understand what I was going through. I also admired
his strength and courage, which motivated me not to give in and to love this
suffering, because without love none of this made sense. I can say that it was
a daily struggle, but my only wish was to live it with faith and in loving
adherence to the will of the Father

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Agostino Vallini: John Paul II kept his gaze fixed on Christ

Agostino Vallini.JPG

Agostino Vallini, 70, Pope’s vicar of Rome gave the following talk at tonight’s
Vigil at the Circus Maximus in advance of Pope John Paul II’s tomorrow’s beatification.

Providence gives us this evening the joy of a great experience of grace and
. With this Marian prayer vigil we hope to prepare ourselves for
tomorrow’s celebration, the solemn beatification of the Venerable Servant of
God John Paul II. Even though it has been six years since the death of the
great Pope–Bishop of Rome and Pastor of the universal Church for 27 years–his
memory is particularly vibrant. We feel veneration, affection, admiration, and
deep gratitude for the beloved pontiff.

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John Paul II exhumed

Pope John Paul II was exhumed today in a quiet ceremony. The papal body will not be seen (at least for a while) but it will rest in the Vatican Basilica for a time.

John Paul II exhumed April 29 2011.jpg
Stanislaw Dziwisz of Cracow kisses JPII coffin.jpg
John Paul's coffin.jpg

Revelation: at Papal Conclave cardinals asked for John Paul to be beatified

JP II funeral 2005.jpgJust days ahead of Pope John Paul II’s beatification on May 1st –the first time in 11 centuries that a successor beatifies his predecessor– the former vicar for Rome, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, speaks about the letter he received as the conclave was about to open that was to elect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedixt XVI, by which several cardinals asked for John Paul’s beatification. Read the La Stampa story

John Paul’s blood to be presented as a relic at May 1st Mass

Blood drawn from Pope John Paul II prior to his death and saved in case there was need of a transfusion at a local hospital, will be presented to Pope Benedict XVI at the May 1st Mass at which John Paul will be declared a “blessed.” The blood relic will be kept with other relics at the Apostolic Household. Read the entire story here.

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