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Britain’s Bishops have no taste

Papal staging at Cotton Park.jpgThe UK Bishops’ Conference will be providing the Holy Father –and the Church universal– this sanctuary for the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Rite of Beatification for Cardinal Newman. The the only possible thing to say is: OMG!!!! What rubbish.

If this is in fact what Britain’s Bishops are approving for the papal ceremonies it is, in my mind, a complete disregard (a slap in the face) for the liturgical leadership of Pope Benedict and the renewal he’s asked for in recent years. Why spend so much money, time and energy on such stuff.
Architecture is only one piece of the liturgical ac of prayer … I pray the music, flowers, and ritual actions, vestments are not so churlish. Two things we can be certain of: the papal homily will be exceptional and the papal presence will be superior.

Newman Conference in Pittsburgh

2010 Newman Conference August 5-7, 2010

National Institute for Newman Studies

This year’s conference theme is “A
Reflection on the Life, Thought, and Spirituality of John Henry Newman in
Celebration of His Beatification.”

JH Newman.jpg

Over 25 speakers will deliver papers
on such varied topics
as “Principles of Newman’s Theological Reading of the
Fathers,” “Newman and Twentieth-Century Literary Converts: Lowell, Merton, and
Day” and “Holiness in the Parochial and Plain Sermons: Its Nature, Aids, and

Keynote addresses will be given by Fr. Ian Ker, of Oxford
University, Dr. Terrence Merrigan, of the Catholic University of Leuven, and
Dr. Cyril O’Regan of the University of Notre Dame. 

The August conference in Pittsburgh will begin with a Mass celebrated by Pittsburgh Bishop David
Zubik. Deacon Jack Sullivan, the man who was healed through Newman’s intercession,
will offer the homily.

Conference details and registration information is
available on the Newman Association’s website.

Zeal and Meekness

CHRIST bade His followers take the sword;
And yet He chid the deed,
When Peter seized upon His word,
And made a foe to bleed.
The gospel Creed, a sword of strife,
Meek hands alone may rear;
And ever Zeal begins its life
In silent thought and fear.
Ye, who would weed the Vineyard’s soil,
Treasure the lesson given;
Lest in the judgment-books ye toil
For Satan, not for heaven.
John Henry Newman
Off Sardinia
June 20, 1833
Verses on Various Occasions, 170

Newman beatification to happen at Coventry Airport

Britain’s Catholic Herald reports today that John Henry Newman’s beatification ceremony, conducted by the Holy Father himself, will happen at Coventry Airport, while the pope is visiting England and Scotland from 16-19 September 2010. As we all know, the Pope is dispensing himself of his own rule for beatification ceremonies. Newman’s beatification is a great grace not only for the Congregation of the Oratory (Oratorians) but for England and the theological world.

John Henry Newman to be beatified by Benedict XVI

It was announced this morning by the Holy See that Pope
Benedict XVI will beatify John Henry Newman on 19th September 2010, during his
visit to the U.K., in the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The Cause of Newman’s
Canonisation has released the following statement:

Newman in cappa.jpg

The Fathers and many friends
of the English Oratories are delighted by the official announcement that our
Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will beatify our founder, the Venerable John Henry
Newman, in the Archdiocese of Birmingham during his visit to Britain in
September. Newman made his home in the Archdiocese for all his adult life,
first in Oxford, where he lived as an Anglican and was received into the
Catholic Church, and later in Birmingham itself where he founded and worked in
the Birmingham Oratory for over forty years.

The Holy Father’s life-long
devotion to Newman has made a profound contribution to understanding the depth
and significance of our founder’s legacy. His decision to beatify Newman in
person confers a unique blessing upon the English Oratories and all who have
drawn inspiration from Newman’s life and work.

We joyfully look forward to
welcoming the Holy Father, as well as the many pilgrims and visitors who will
come to the Beatification ceremony and visit Newman’s shrine at the Birmingham

We also look forward to the challenging work of preparing for the
Beatification in conjunction with Church and civil authorities. We pray that
the Beatification will fittingly reflect both Newman’s significance for the
Universal Church and the honour paid to our Archdiocese and our country by the
Holy Father’s presence among us.

Very Rev. Richard Duffield

Provost of the Birmingham Oratory and Actor of the Cause of
John Henry Newman

Additionally, the Procurator of the Congregation of the Oratory, Very Reverend Father Edoardo Aldo Cerrato, CO, has written to the all the Oratories of the world on this great gesture of Pope Benedict XVI in personally beatifying the Venerable Servant of God John Henry Newman. The letter is here: Letter-of-the-Procurator-General-of-the-Oratory-Confederation-March-2010.pdf

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