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Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien to lead the Order of the Holy Sepulchre

EDWIN F. OBRIEN.jpgIt sounds like this appointment of Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien, 72, to head the 1000 year old lay group Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

The video of the press conference where Archbishop Edwin O’Brien announces he’s going to head the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Up to now he’s been the 15th Diocesan Ordinary of Baltimore; in 2007 Benedict appointed O’Brien to succeed Cardinal William Henry Keeler.

Several articles from Baltimore’s Catholic Review shed some light on Archbishop O’Brien: here, here and his own remarks.
As the Archbishop promised when he took over the Baltimore Archdiocese nearly four years ago, “Whatever I am and all that I have, I give to you” will be the same pledge to the Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre.
Here’s a piece on the playful side of Edwin F. O’Brien.
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Ján Chryszostom Cardinal Korec, SJ

An interesting and unique anniversary is being observed by a member of the College of Cardainls: Ján Chryzostom Korec, SJ, the emeritus bishop of Nitra (Slovak Republic), 87, Bishop Pavel Hnilica ordained the cardinal secretly in a hospital room.

The cardinal is an exceedingly interesting man. When I met him in 1997 when he was making a  US tour of Slovak communities, his interaction among his hosts was wonderful. He received an honorary Doctorate from Sacred Heart University on that visit to Connecticut.

Cardinal Korec’s statistics are fascinating: nearly 61 years a priest, 60 years a bishop and 20 years a cardinal.

Here’s the Pope’s congratulatory message:

Venerabili Fratri Nostro

Episcopo emerito Nitriensi

Jan korec.jpg

Laeti laetum nuntium accepimus quod tu, Venerabilis Frater Noster, sexagesimam propediem anniversariam celebrabis memoriam illius diei semper tibi recolendi, quo Episcopus consecratus es et inter Apostolorum Successores relatus, huius nominationis occulte nactus honorem.

Quemadmodum tam felicis nec non praeclari eventus ratio poscit, Nos, commemorantes ministerium sacrum quod diligentissime tot annos peregisti, te actuosum, fidelem ac prudentem Pastorem enixe laudamus praesentiamque spiritualem Nostram hac in festivitate tibi pollicemur.

Dum ergo flagrantia vota, quaecumque sunt salutaria, optabilia, fausta adprecantia, imo e pectore promimus, a sanctissimo ac sempiterno Deo tibi supernorum munerum copiam imploramus, quorum auspicium simul atque propensae voluntatis Nostrae pignus esto Apostolica Benedictio, quam tibi amantissime impertimus.

Ex Arce Gandulfi, die XV mensis Augusti, in Sollemnitate Assumptionis Beatae Mariae Virginis, Anno MMXI, Pontificatus Nostri septimo.


Prayers for Bishop David M. O’Connell, CM

Prayers are requested for the Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, CM, Bishop of Trenton, 56, who is suffering the effects of an blood infection and clot in his foot made more complex due to diabetes.

The Vincentian Fathers and Brothers, the religious family to whom Bishop O’Connell belongs, sent a request for prayers the other day. We happily oblige.

Pietro Sambi, 73, Pope’s ambassador to the USA, RIP

Pietro Sambi.jpg

His Excellency, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, 73, died tonight complications following a delicate lung surgery.
His family was called to his bedside last week.
The Archbishop’s work in the USA was to be the Pope’s ambassador to government and to be the Pope’s voice to the Church here. He’s been in the USA since 2006.
In ministry, Sambi has been a priest for 47 years and a bishop for 25.
The Church has lost a wonderful brother, priest and witness to Jesus Christ.
May the Good Shepherd guide Archbishop Sambi to full communion with Him.
Bishop Robert Lynch remembers the Nuncio on his blog.
May Pietro Sambi’s memory be eternal.

Vatican Nuncio to Ireland recalled

Giuseppe Leanza.jpgIn an extraordinary act, the Holy See has recalled the papal nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, 68, to Rome to understand the implications of the July 13, 2011 Cloyne Report (421 pages worth) that indicated yet more of the clerical sex abuse.

This is a most dramatic and essential step in getting to the bottom of the problem of abuse and the response of the Church. The recall, initiated by the Holy See, is being interpreted by the same as the degree of seriousness it wants for an effective response to the failure to protect children and for greater collaboration with the Irish government. This recall is not a permanent close to diplomatic relations between the Irish Republic and the Holy See; it is a measure for greater clarity on how to respond to the crisis.

Hopefully Archbishop Leanza has the grace and competency to be effective in Ireland. His own experience hints that he can be helpful. He is the former papal nunico to Haiti, Malawi, Zambia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria before going to Ireland in 2008.
Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid of Ireland, pray for us.

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