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Happy Thanksgiving

Iron Men for the Farm Philip Rose

America’s longest-married couple!

The Betars 81 years marriedJohn and Ann Betar eloped on November 25, 1932. Monday marks their 81st anniversary.

John is 102 and Ann is 98. They raised 5 children, the eldest is a daughter who’s 80 and are predeceased by a daughter and son who died from cancer. The Betars have 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

They left a close-knit Syrian neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to marry; they’re now living in Fairfield.

A traditional Catholic Thanksgiving hymn

Traditional Thanksgiving antiphonFor those looking for an antiphon for Thanksgiving…

The text reads:

Dominus dixit ad me: vade et interfice a Turcia operretur, et servient in fratribus meis minimis. Et abii, et percussit Turcia, et praeparavit cibos fratribus meis servierim. Alleluia.

In translation:

The Lord said to me: Go and kill a turkey, dress it, and serve to the least of my brethren. So I went and slew the turkey, dressed it and served to my brethren. Alleluia.

You can click not the image to enlarge it.

Thanks to my friend, Father Fluet…

New voting machines

new voting machines

You have a new option in voting… one booth on the left and another on the right. Your pick.

John Tavener dead 69

TavenerSir John Tavener, 69, died today. Much of his was spent in ill health, but he was not constrained by limitations of health.  Thanks be to God.

John Tavener is regarded as a “leading light” of our times. Encountering Tavener was surely a gift of God that allowed the soul to soar to new heights.

John Tavener was an Orthodox Christian who wrote a piece at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Tavener was knighted in 2000.

The Telegraph has a brief report and the BBC files this report.

Eternal memory!

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