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Early voting

Get out and vote.


Bishop’s payday


Happy Mother’s Day!

Jesus and his Mom!We take our inspiration from the Lord Himself on this day!

To my own Mother, Linda, and godmother, Pam ~love and affection.

To my grandmothers Marion and Helen, and Aunts Gloria, Evelynn, Jeannie, Sally, and Bea, may our Lord hold you close to His heart.



Finding Yoda in the 14th c.


The craze happening today regarding the new Star Wars movie is not surprising as the work of some adventuresome scholars who found that Yoda was NOT unique to the Steven Spielberg and his team of artistsĀ for the movie series. Yoda seems to be a figure known in a 14th century manuscript called “The Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma.”

Read theĀ article here.

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