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A few things on Albacete

Lorenzo Albacete’s Mass of Christian Burial was offered today at St Mary’s Church (Grand St., NYC) by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a friend of Albacete’s, two other bishops and several priests were present to concelebrate the Mass. The priest will be buried in Puerto Rico. Here are some postings on the person of Lorenzo Albacete:

The homily from the Vigil Mass preached by Father Richard Veras.

Tom Hoopes, “Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete: The Uncouth Man, the Brilliant Priest

Michael Sean Winters, “Remembering Lorenzo

John Janaro, “Remembering Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, Mentor and Friend

In case you have further interest in this well-known and beloved priest, you may be interested in this 2002 essay by Robert Royal on Lorenzo Albacete, “Seeing Things: A Man of Desires

Here is the 2002 Frontline interview with Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero.”


Greg Wolfe wrote this piece, “Lorenzo the Magnificent

Julián Carrón writes to US Communion and Liberation on the transitus of Lorenzo Albacete

Lorenzo AlbaceteMonsignor Albacete’s life is fulfilled today in front of the merciful Presence of the Mystery who makes all things, and it blossoms in the gladness that we always saw in him.

The encounter with Father Giussani struck his life so deeply that he asked to serve the Movement in the United States, becoming Father Giussani’s witness on the dramatic front where faith engages with a modernity in search of meaning. He sought this encounter with anyone, challenging the American intelligentsia with the sole weapon of his witness, as a man who had been seized and transformed by Christ in his reason and in his freedom.

Therefore, Pope Francis’ words from Evangelii Gaudium are befitting our dearest Lorenzo: “Christians have the duty to proclaim the Gospel without excluding anyone, not as one who imposes a new obligation, but rather as one who shares a joy, points out a beautiful horizon, offers a desirable banquet. The Church does not grow by proselytism but ‘by attraction.’” He was undoubtedly so captivating that he immediately became friends with anyone he met, because he was showing the beauty and usefulness of faith for facing life’s needs.

With his tireless work, he witnessed to us how faith can become “intelligence of reality,” with his ability to recognize and embrace anyone without ambiguity, but for love of the truth that is present in every person. With his suffering, he has reminded us that there is no circumstance, not even the most difficult and toilsome, that can prevent the “I” from having a daily dialogue with the Mystery.

Let us ask Father Giussani, who now meets Monsignor again as an everlasting friend, to obtain for him that peace that is the sign of a life that rests in the eternal. Let us also pray to the Virgin Mary, to whom Monsignor Albacete attributed his encounter with Father Giussani, to carry him toward sharing in the smile of the Eternal.

Julian CarronLet us all pray together and personally that we may strive to live like he witnessed, so that we can inherit his legacy of how to follow the Movement within the Church.

Julián Carrón
Milan, October 24, 2014

Church bids farewell to Albacete

Marco Bardazzi’s article for the Vatican Insider, “Church buds farewell to Fr. Albacete” gives tribute to great man of God, son of Fr Luigi Giussani.

Lorenzo Albacete, RIP

Msgr LAblaceteDear Friends,

Early this morning,  Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete returned to the Father.

He lived his final days, through pain and suffering, the way he lived all of his life, in complete abandonment to Christ and His body, the Church, with unconditional gratitude.

As he clearly realized he was facing the end of his journey, full of awareness and peace and always surrounded by friends, he told us: “I lived a beautiful life; I always followed Christ. I will live as long as Christ wants me to live.”

We pray that we may have the same affection for Christ, the Church, and Fr. Giussani as our beloved Monsignor had.

Fr. José Medina, FSCB

Raica speaks of his meeting Communion and Liberation

Steven Raica“I’ve developed a great appreciation for the writings of Monsignor Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation, a mostly lay movement that began in Italy. I meet regularly with people in this area who are interested in following its charism. It’s based on the encounter with Christ that one has by the very fact that Christ took on our flesh and became one of us to show us the way back to God.”

Bishop-elect Steven Raica
Gaylord, MI

This past week the Holy Father appointed Father Steven John Raica, priest and Vicar General and Chancellor of the Diocese of Lansing, MI, as the fifth bishop of Gaylord, MI. The Diocese of Gaylord is one of the newer dioceses in the USA having been established by Pope Paul VI on July 20, 1971.

For several years Father Raica, 61, has been following the ecclesial movement of Communion and Liberation and the various gestures of CL, including the annual gathering called the New York Encounter.

All of us are full of joy with the news of Father Raica being made a bishop, and a brother who makes the journey of faith in the companionship of Communion and Liberation.

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