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Peter John Cameron speaks on Luigi Giussani, the priest wounded by beauty

Vita Straordinarie - Don Luigi Giussani.jpgOn October 8, 2011, a film series co-sponsored by the Siena Forum for Faith and Culture and Crossroads Cultural Center on extraordinary Christian lives concluded with the showing of the documentary conducted by Elena Guarnieri of “Vita Straordinarie: Don Luigi Giussani” (Extraordinary Lives: Fr. Luigi Giussani”) on the life and work of Monsignor Luigi Giussani, called: the priest wounded by beauty by Pope Benedict when he offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for the repose of Giussani’s soul on 25 February 2005.

Dominican Father Peter John Cameron gave his commentary the film 150 people watched at New York’s Church of Saint Catherine of Siena (E. 68th Str.). Watch it… Cameron’s insights are good to reflect upon….

Traces magazine: there’s an app for it on iPad


Great news with you: Traces is now available for iPad users and users of Apple’s latest OS, Lion. All that is necessary is to go to the App Store and enter “Traces” and you will find it.   


There are many, pretty obvious, advantages to this new form, including receiving Traces as soon as it’s published, paying less for a subscription and the ability to easily tell friends who have an iPad.


I hope all of you Apple and iPad users will sign up, immediately, and tell your friends! 

Friends after dinner by a Branford Marsh

Friends after dinner by a Branford marsh2.jpg

An incredibly beautiful day friends got together for dinner. We tried going on a boat tour of the Thimble Islands, but the tours were booked. I can’t think of anything better: Sapphire &tonic, seafood and good friends (well, the only better thing is enjoying the beatific vision).

God launches us into life’s adventure with the grace needed to succeed, Father Julián Carrón reminds

The Mystery, however has not launched us into the
adventure of life without providing us with a compass with which to find our
bearings. This compass is the heart. In our epoch, the heart has been reduced
to a feeling, a question of mood, but we can all recognize in our experience
that the heart does not allow itself to be reduced, it will not be conformed to
anything. “Men and women were created for something great, for infinity.
Nothing else will ever be enough.” The Pope says in his Message, and we know it
very well.

So whoever takes his heart seriously, made as it is for what is great,
begins to have a criterion for judging the truth or the falsity of whatever
proposal dawns on the horizon of his life. “You are constantly being offered
easier choices, but you yourselves know that these are ultimately deceptive and
cannot bring you serenity and joy.”

Father Julián Carrón
President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation
Alfa and Omega [sic]
28 July 2011

Christ begging for the heart of man

“‘Christ begging for the heart of man, and the heart of man begging for Christ.’ What change needs to take place for our gaze to be able to look at ourselves like this? What familiarity, what a sharing of our lives with a different gaze, until we can look with the same compassion upon our humanity, as we always felt ourselves looked upon by Father Giussani.”
(Father Carrón, “Man is exclusive relationship with God,” 2007)

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