“It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer got religion.”

Well, if you like comedy and religion, you likely will like the new Netflix series, Warrior Nun. The trailer is fun.

As a monk friend said,

The character “Ava is done very well and Beatrice too, and while I am not too keen on the nun aspect (the idea itself verges on the ludicrous), I think they do a good job of it; and the person who plays the priest in charge of them does a very good job also. The more one sees the better it gets I think. Like Buffy it shows the personal difficulty, isolation even, of dealing with supernatural evil that most people don’t believe in much less see. (All people want to be normal, and this kind of life is not normal. As Buffy once said, we want to be “destiny free.”) In the end, Buffy failed because the creator was not up to the vision, and if one really doesn’t believe in this sort of thing–at least in a general sense–it will fall flat no matter how funny, smart and witty one is since you cannot keep it up. Of course, these shows can never show the positive side of the supernatural (which I admit is harder to show visually), of which these darker elements are merely parasitic however scary and powerful they may be.”