“That Thou wouldst please to give and preserve the fruits of the earth…we beseech Thee hear us.”

“Bless, O Lord, Almighty God, this land; may health and purity, goodness and meekness, and every virtue reign here.”

Today we had the blessing of agriculture using the Latin prayers (with a English translation provided for some). Two of our priest friends in the Order of Preachers and some friends, came out to the North Guilford Monastery (the Dominican nuns) to bless the honey bees, the chickens, the cows, the pigs, the land, the orchard and a mode of transportation. Because the nuns are cloistered the land, gardens and forest were blessed with them in spirit.

As a beekeeper, I am keen on having my bees and hives receiving the Lord’s blessing.

Since we do not have the Catholic Rural Life chapter in Connecticut, CRL’s influence is rather negligible but as a national, Catholic nonprofit organization it is dedicated to the vitality of the America’s agriculture.

Blessing of Honey Bees

O Lord, God almighty, who hast created heaven and earth! Thou didst create all living things for man’s use. Moreover, Thou didst order by the ministry of Thy Church that candles made from the industry of bees shall burn during the Sacred Mystery in which we consecrate and consume the most holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ Thy Son. Send Thy holy blessing upon these bees and this beehive to make them numerous and productive, and to preserve them from harm, so that their yield of wax can be turned to Thy honor, and to the honor of Thy Son and Holy Spirit and to the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.”