The Gospel Proclaimed in Greek at Pope’s Easter Mass doesn’t seem newsworthy unless you have a special concern for the catholic Church’s Sacred (Divine) Liturgy. Yesterday caught our attention.

If you watched Pope Francis’ Easter Mass at St Peter’s Basilica yesterday, then you may have noticed the very moving gospel of the Resurrection sung in Greek. The deacon, Gianpiero Vaccaro, from the Italo-Albanian Eparchy of Lungro (Calabria, Italy, is also a student of the Pontifical Greek College in Rome.

It was a good thing to see this “tradition” for Easter as it gives one the sense of greater universality of the Catholic Church. As you know, the Church is much more that Latin; for that matter, it is much larger than the Greek Churches, too. We do have the Armenian, Chaldean, Coptic, and Syriac families! Wouldn’t be nice to hear the Gospel sung in liturgical Armenian or Syriac (or Aramaic)?

In the meantime, let us pray for Deacon Gianpiero Vaccaro and his ministry for the Eparchy of Lungro.

The gospel at yesterday's papal Mass: it’s extraordinarily lovely! I can’t stop listening to it! I had to get out the Greek text to follow along.What a great voice this deacon has! And he can sing quarter tones!Many thanks to the Rev. Mr. (Subdeacon) Arvin Gallanosa, M.D., for the clean copy.

Posted by Dennis Duvelius on Monday, April 13, 2020