The vocation of a Benedictine is to seek God. We seek God in the ordinary circumstances of life. Turning the idea around some say God searches, too.

What does it mean when we say that God searches the innermost depths of the heart? Nothing is hidden from God. Before any of us ever settles into reflective silence, God knows each of us through and through. In this sense, God doesn’t search out anything for God is already fully aware of the complexity of our inner lives, our conflicting motives and our spontaneous emotions. But what God sees fully we are often blind to — in denial over, actually — with the result that we can act in ways that confuse us and make no sense. It is only when we face our inner reality honestly and humbly with the light of grace that we can see clearly enough to move forward. This is the work of inner prayer which is simultaneously God’s searching the innermost depths of our hearts. (NS)

Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ,
and may he bring us all together to everlasting life.
Rule of Benedict 72:11-12