We have this solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus today. A tradition of delving more deeply into the whole Christ: humanity and divinity, mercy, love and judgment, deepest longings and the tenderness of our own heart in the face of the heart of the Lord’s.

Today is a day to spend time in Eucharistic adoration, because in this event we see in the Blessed Sacrament the Risen Jesus truly present offering each one of us His heart, His tender, merciful Love. At adoration we come to Him to adore Him; the Church proposes to us that this is the best expression of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque said: “Behold the Heart which so loved mankind”!

Benedict XVI illuminates for us this mystery: “The heart that resembles that of Christ more than any other is without a doubt the Heart of Mary, his Immaculate Mother, and for this very reason the liturgy holds them up together for our veneration. Responding to the Virgin’s invitation at Fatima, let us entrust the whole world to her Immaculate Heart, which we contemplated yesterday in a special way, so that it may experience the merciful love of God and know true peace” (Benedict XVI, Angelus, 5 June 2005).