Come, Creator Spirit,
visit the minds of your children,
and fill the hearts you have made,
with heavenly grace.
You are called the Comforter,
the gift of God most high,
living spring, and fire, love,
and spiritual anointing.
You are sevenfold in your gifts,
the finger of God’s right hand;
you are the Father’s true promise,
endowing our tongues with speech.
Enkindle your light in our senses,
infuse your life in our hearts;
strengthen our bodies’ weakness
by your never failing might.
Drive far away our foe,
and grant peace without end,
that with you to lead us on,
we may escape all harm.
Grant us, through you,
to know the Father, also the Son;
may we ever believe in you,
the Spirit of them both.
In preparation for the great Solemnity of Pentecost, my hope is we are praying the novena to the Holy Spirit. We need to beg the Holy Spirit for His grace! It can be done anytime of the day, perhaps a good time is in the evening. Here is the translation of the ancient Latin hymn.
(the translation was done by one of the monks of Spencer Abbey).