Alfred Pampalon died 121 years ago today at the age of 28. Classmates called him “the Lamb of God” as a testimony to his piety and gentleness while others called him the “Hail Mary Saint” because of his love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Alcoholics and drug addicts and their caregivers rely on his testimony of faith and cleaning living to inspire personal change

The human and spiritual qualities of Alfred (an excellent athlete, a good student, devout, prayerful, and helpful, a desire to devote to God’s service) made him a solid candidate for priesthood. His spiritual and intellectual training couple with a great heart allowed him to be renowned as a confessor and spiritual director, especially among the poor.

Ask the Lord to make a saint of the Catholic Church. We need his intercession today. I see the need for his beatification especially there are many, many priests who are affected by the abuse of alcohol and they refuse to change their life for their own good, and the good of the Church.