Fr CameronThanks to Joan Frawley Desmond of the National Catholic Register we can read a recently published interview, “‘Magnificat’: Introducing the Liturgy to Christian Laity for 15 Years,” with Dominican Father Peter John Cameron, Editor-in-Chief of Magnificat.

Desmond’s interview gives good insight and stands on its own. The author draws out the current work and future hopes of the Dumont and Cameron in English. Desmond notes what I would call a treasure for all of us: Magnificat gives horizon and develops a culture of encounter, a meeting with the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother; Magnificat does not merely correct errors experienced with regard to catechesis, but it orders how we pray, what we believe and encourages us to live anew in Christ Jesus with the Church.

The fact of the matter is that Magnificat has in these previous 15 years (!) more a generous contribution to spreading the faith and thus opened an incredible number of doors unto the Divine Mystery. The sheer breadth of hagiography, spiritual reading and sacramentality does give pause because, in my mind, our Catholic patrimony is  fully appreciated and a lived. The artwork alone is spectacular (save for a few specimens).

Key to the work of and reason for Magnificat is for the formation of the laity in applying the theology and disposition of the Church to make the sacred Liturgy known and prayed by the laity.

In an era of greater emphasis on the place and role evangelization and faith formation in the Catholic Church, Magnificat is a necessary tool. 250K other English speaking people think so, too. Thanks to Father Peter John and his staff of writers, customer service, technology experts, and consultants.