ThNahume Catholic Church honors the Old Testament prophets on canon of saints, they’re listed in the Martyrologium Romanum. Today, the Church liturgical recalls Saint Nahum, the prophet:

Commemoratio sancti Nahum, prophetae, qui Deum praedicavit cursum temporum regentem et populos in iustitia iudicantem.

“The memorial of St. Nahum, the prophet, who preached that God was ruling the path of time and was judging the peoples in justice.”

Have you read from the book of Nahum? Do you know where it is in the Bible? It is between Micah and Habakkuk. He is one of the 12 minor prophets in sacred Scripture. The prophetic message uttered by Nahum differs from other prophets in that he does not issue a call to repentance, nor does he denounce Israel for infidelity to God. Some scholars take Nahum’s work as history.

Historically, there is not much documentation on the Prophet Nahum. His name means “God consoles.” We know that he was from the town Alqosh (what is likely now Galillee) living close to the end of the Assyrian reign. Nahum warns Ninevah of its destruction (612 BC).

Some members of the Church ask Saint Nahum to intercede on behalf of those with mental disorders. The Latin, Byzantine and Armenian Churches honor Nahum on different days.