Artemisia Gentileschi Santa Cecilia1. O God of tune and rhyme,
Whose song the world has made,
Whose Word before all time
The universe displayed:
We praise in song this woman’s fame,
Who, in the face of death and shame,
Gave glory to her Savior’s name.

2. O Christ, who summoned all
To follow in your way,
That we might bear our cross
And live in endless day:
We thank you for Cecilia’s stand;
And trusting in your loving hand,
We too will sin and death withstand.

3. O Spirit, Lord of life,
Whose gifts all faith maintain,
Your leading through earth’s strife
Let us your heav’n attain.
Grant us firm faith that, as did she,
We follow you, O Wind most free,
That Christians true we e’er may be.

4. O Trinity, One God,
O Source of music’s art,
Guide us through ways untrod
Until, within your heart,
With all your saints and angels’ throng
We live with you, and there prolong
Our endless alleluia song.

J. Michael Thompson
Copyright © 2009, World Library Publications
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