John Eudes (1601-80) who, as a child, made a vow of chastity.  He was educated by the Jesuits at the College of Caen, where it is said that he was conspicuous for piety; and, committed to the protection of the Virgin Mary. Eudes apparently would sign a covenant with the Blessed Mother in his own blood.

Following his education, Eudes joined the Fathers of the Congregation of the Oratory de Bérulle, and was ordained priest at Paris. His natural capacities were perfected by grace: he had an intense love of neighbor and the education of the young for service in the priesthood Jesus Christ. In the 20 years of Oratorian life Eudes was elected Rector of the Oratorian house at Caen, but instead left the fraternity and set on his own drawing together priests under the inspiration of the holy names of Jesus and Mary for to do what his heart desire, a new seminary.

Formed by the Jesuits and Oratorians, John Eudes was zealous for the Kingdom. He promoted devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary which it seems he was singular in doing. Today’s devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is closely linked to Eudes.

Historians tells us that John Eudes courageously resisted the heretical doctrines of the Jansenists, he preserved unalterable obedience towards the Chair of Peter.

Pope Pius X beatified John Eudes and Pope Pius XI canonized him while making Saint John Eudes a saint to be honored on the universal calendar of the Church with an Office and Mass.