I saw this photo on a friend’s FB page who indicated that it came from Fr John Zuhlsdorf (Fr Z). If you don’t read Fr Z’s blog, you ought to. As my friend Fr Chris said, “Would that all the faithful had such a desire and hunger for the Holy Eucharist!” Indeed. I wish I had the same intensity as Louis, the child in the shepherd’s arms.

That today on the Ordo of the Ordinary Form is the liturgical memorial of Saint John Mary Vianney (on the Ordo of the Extraordinary Form Vianney is venerated on August 8), the gift of this picture of Louis and Cardinal Burke opens a new door for my affection for the Eucharistic Lord. Perhaps you what you see emboldens your faith in the Eucharistic Presence.

The explanation of the image:

Louis [the child] was so sad that he couldn’t receive 1st Communion; he was in tears. When he said hi to Cardinal Burke, I explained to the Cardinal why he was sad and Louis just leaned into him and cried. His Eminence embraced him so lovingly and told him, “don’t worry, your first Communion will come soon enough!”

I love that Louis poured out his sorrow to him like the shepherd that Cardinal Burke is… so dear!

Saint John Mary Vianney, pray for us.
Saint Peter Julian Eymard, pray for us.