Linden-courtyard.jpgSome time ago I mentioned here on Communio the monastery in Linden, Virginia which getting a jim-start on living the monastic life according to the Dominican charism. St Dominic’s Monastery is an exceptional place

Why is St Dominic’s a place to support? There are many reasons, not the least is the fact the nuns are very serious about the monastic life demonstrated by their observance of communal liturgical and personal prayer, their sacrifice of time and generous giving of self, the witness of the full habit, and commitment to the ideals of Saint Dominic and his successors. The nuns follow the path charted by Christ and the saints.

Did I mention that most of the nuns are in formation and under 40 years?
A friend and former colleague is now a postulant at St Dominic’s Monastery. Her vocation as a contemplative nun unfolds each day.

The second order of the Dominicans, the contemplative nuns, live a papally enclosed life. Meaning, they rarely live the monastery; a visit to the doctor, perhaps to vote, congregational meetings and a visit to a sick and dying parent.