Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak.jpegThe Most Reverend Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, 57, was elected by the Synod of Bishop of the Catholic Coptic Church, to be Patriarch on January 15, 2013. He succeeds Antonio Cardinal Naguib.

Until now Patriarch Ibrahim has been the bishop of Minya since September 2002. He is the second bishop of Minya to be elected patriarch.
The Coptic Catholic Church is small with c. 165 thousand people. It was established in 1824. In Canada and the USA there are 5 parishes.

Following philosophy and theology studies in Cairo Sidrak was ordained a priest on 7 February 1980. He earned a license in Dogmatic Theology from the Gregorian University (Rome) in 1988. In addition to serving as a parish priest he also served a professor of theology in the seminary and rector. He received episcopal ordination on 15 November 2002.
Confirmation of and letters of communion with Pope Benedict XVI is expected soon.
Egypt now has two new heads of Churches with the election of Sidrak. Pope Tawadros II was recently elected to lead the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Prayers for Patriarch Antonios who has been living with serious health concerns.