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Dicit Andreas Simoni fratri suo:

Inveniemus Messiam,
qui diciture Christus; 
et adduxit eum ad Iesum.

Andrew said to Simon his
We have found the Messiah!
(which is interpreted, the Christ);
and he
led him to Jesus.

Saint Andrew, the First Called, brother of Saint Peter, at first a disciple of the Baptist,  is the patron saint of many places, Constantinople, Amalfi,  Scotland, Russia, among others.

Our prayer offered to Saint Andrew for his intercession is for the unity of the Christian Churches, most particularly between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Today, the Bishop of Rome sends a delegation to the Bishop of Constantinople for the celebration of today’s feast.

Let’s pray with the Church

We humbly implore your majesty, O Lord, that, just as the blessed Apostle Andrew was for your Church a preacher and pastor, so he may be for us a constant intercessor before you.