You might ask why I care about the Subiaco Congregation… well, I care about the Congregation because it’s the largest and most diverse of all the groupings of those who follow the Benedictine Rule, and many of the monasteries do interesting things outside the typical works of parochial and educational ministries. And, because I care. Subiaco monks and nuns tend to be more focused on living the monastic life with intensity. One may also say that the English Benedictines have certain intensity in life and ministry which distinguishes them from other groupings.

The other day I mentioned that the Cassinese Congregation (the Italian monasteries of which Monte Cassino is part) was seeking re-union with the Subiaco Congregation, and today the vote was positive. Of course, the Cassinese Congregation is very much in “diminishment mode” with very few new vocations with an outdated way of doing things. The vote for the revised constitutions was also positive.
Abbot Philip of the Abbey of Christ in the Desert writes a weekly notebook. This week he notes some of the “goings on” of the 19th General Chapter.
Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica, pray for the monks, and for us.