The Catholic News Agency carried a story by David Kerr on Chris Bacich the US leader of Communion and Liberation (CL) this week at the Rimini Meeting in Italy.
Notable in Chris’ interview is that Chris puts his finger on the reality of Christian faith today when he speaks of those who find in CL a “real willingness to grapple with the real life, everyday culture in which [they] live, while showing no fear” because they “recognize that the encounter with Christ, and his presence in our life, is the answer to this desire for a life that is better, that is great, that is worthwhile and fruitful.”

As point of clarification, CL is not a “lay ecclesial movement”; it is technically improper to call the ecclesial movements “lay ecclesial movements” because the movements are not limited to the lay faithful, but are open to the ordained as well. Many of the movements have ardent followers who are deacons, priests and bishops in the movements. Therefore, not “lay ecclesial.”

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