muller and pope.JPGThe new and quickly noted CDF Prefect, German Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, 64, is talking to the press about various things, particularly of the recent talks the Holy See’s been having with the SSPX. With all the interviews and loose translations of the same, it’s going to be an interesting time with the new Prefect. 

Archbishop Müller no doubt has good credentials and gives the impression that he supports the Holy Father’s work in theology, but one wonders if he can withstand the criticism, severe at times, for his intellectual interests in other fields of theology that appear to be at odds with the magisterium. Having said this, I think it is way too early to render a judgment on the man. The complexities he faces in the Church are many. When in doubt, give the plus-sign.

Here are some of the things people are saying….

Catholic News Agency posted this article on Muller’s thoughts…

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