“…the whole purpose of evangelism is to foster friendship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God who reveals both the face of the merciful Father and the truth about our humanity,”

In a June 13, 2012 column on the First Things website, George Weigel published a few brief reflections on his visit to Argentina and the evangelization work being done that resulted in what is being called the “Aparecida Document” (the full text is below) which is a collation of the documents from the Fifth General Assembly of Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAM) of 2007. Weigel is naming the very long Aparecida Document as the master plan of evangelization. We ought to take note.

We in the north need this document; we need to study it and to apply its perspective to our context. But beware: we need to have the same thrust —
+ “everything in the Church must be mission-driven”
+ we need a “permanent catechesis: an ongoing encounter with the Lord Jesus, deepened spiritually through Word and Sacrament, the Bible and the Eucharist.”
+ we need to live the Gospel and the Tradition given to us.