Emmaus detail Caravaggio.jpgEarlier this evening at the School of Community we were talking about our problem recognizing Christ in daily living. In what ways am I moved by Christ? A (vigorous) prayer life keeps us focussed on the meaning of our life in Christ.

Taking some clues from Father Julián Carrón may be helpful to those who want to make sense of the spiritual life.  Father Carrón encourages a few things:
1. to understand that we need an awareness of ourself;
2. to be mindful that we never fully possess Christ in this life because Christ is a Mystery; that to possess we’d be alone and that is not what the Holy Trinity has promised;
3. yes, it is easy to complain about not being “connected” to Christ in a meaningful manner but we need to consider that to really engage in the Fact and Event of the Incarnation of the Word Made Flesh is to accept that Christ is not reducible to an idea or an opinion;
4. to recall that to have real confidence that God loves me unconditionally; that is not say that God doesn’t care about the sinful things we do, He does and he desires true Charity and justice, but His Mercy for our being is stronger than anything we could imagine.

As one member of School of Community asked: Who are you, God, that can still surprise me?
Fundamental to the Communion and Liberation method of theology is keeping alive a sense of openness, awe and wonder before the great questions of life and before the actions of God in my life. Further, our method in this method is to ask the questions: why is this happening to me? how am I invited by the God-given freedom and with my reason to know and love what God has given me? 
Engaging our freedom and our reason allows our humanity and faith to grow.