The Mystery, however has not launched us into the
adventure of life without providing us with a compass with which to find our
bearings. This compass is the heart. In our epoch, the heart has been reduced
to a feeling, a question of mood, but we can all recognize in our experience
that the heart does not allow itself to be reduced, it will not be conformed to
anything. “Men and women were created for something great, for infinity.
Nothing else will ever be enough.” The Pope says in his Message, and we know it
very well.

So whoever takes his heart seriously, made as it is for what is great,
begins to have a criterion for judging the truth or the falsity of whatever
proposal dawns on the horizon of his life. “You are constantly being offered
easier choices, but you yourselves know that these are ultimately deceptive and
cannot bring you serenity and joy.”

Father Julián Carrón
President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation
Alfa and Omega [sic]
28 July 2011