Luigi Gonzaga 2009.jpgO blessed Aloysius, adorned with angelic virtues, I
thy most unworthy suppliant recommend specially to thee the chastity of my soul
and body, praying thee by thy angelic purity to plead for me with Jesus Christ
the Immaculate Lamb, and His most Holy Mother, Virgin of virgins, that
they would vouchsafe to keep me from all grievous sin. Never suffer me to be
defiled with any stain of impurity; but when thou dost see me in temptation, or
in danger of falling, then remove far from my mind all evil thoughts and
unclean desires, and awaken in me the memory of eternity to come, and of Jesus
crucified; impress deeply in my heart a sense of the holy fear of God; and
kindling in me the fire of Divine love, enable me so to follow thy footsteps
here on earth, that in heaven I may be made worthy to enjoy with thee the
vision of our God for ever.