TMDolan smile.jpgOn Wednesday, the 27th April, at the Church of St.
Catherine of Siena (411 E. 68th St.) Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan will offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for the intention of couples struggling with infertility &
pregnancy-related difficulties. The evening will begin with Mass at 6:30 pm,
followed by comments by Mr. Robert White, President of the St. Gianna Society followed by a blessing
with the St. Gianna relics
by the Archbishop.

At 7:45 pm, there will be time
for personal veneration of St. Gianna relics – with a light reception following
Mass. Physicians, including Dr. Anne
, and other practitioners specializing in infertility will be
present in reception area to answer questions and offer support following Mass.
For more info, check out the flyer
St. Gianna Flyer 2011.pdf