God’s promise to us is to remain with use for ever.

“Wisdom has built herself a house, and she has set up
seven pillars.” To man, who was made in the image of God when the rest of
creation was created, Wisdom gave the seven gifts of the Spirit to enable man
to believe in Christ and to keep His commandments. By means of these gifts, the
spiritual man grows and develops until, through firm faith and the supernatural
graces he receives, he finally reaches maturity. Knowledge stimulates virtue,
and virtue reflections knowledge. The fear of the Lord, understanding, and
knowledge give true orientation to his natural wisdom. Fortitude makes him
eager to seek understanding of the will of God, as revealed in the laws by
which the entire creation is governed. Counsel distinguishes these most sacred
and eternal laws of God from anything opposed to them, for these laws are meant
for man to ponder, to proclaim, and to fulfill. Insight disposes man to embrace
these expressions of God’s will and to reject whatever contravenes them.

Office of Readings
commentary on the Book of Proverbs by Procopius of Gaza, bishop