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During this giving season, we hope you will consider
subscriptions for Traces magazine for your family, friends, and
associates. Traces (Litterae Communionis) is the official magazine of the international Movement of Communion and Liberation and it is published in several languages. This unique gift broadens our horizons of awareness and personal
conversion (conversion spoken of by Christ and strongly encouraged by Pope
Benedict XVI).

The articles in Traces encourages us to make an evaluation on history, literature, politics, education, medicine, law, science and
culture and describes our life in the Church in new and incisive
ways, ways which help us to be more fully engaged in our own lives and in the
society. Traces helps us life more fully our Catholic Faith. 

As Father Julián
Carrón, head of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (CL) suggested at a
meeting with CL leaders this summer in La Thuile (Italy): “You must take
the initiative that your life be pervaded by God because the substance of our
happiness is this infinite enormous Love  which inclined itself over our

Subscribe today … bringing the words and experiences of
“that which we hold most dear” into the hearts and homes of others!

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