St Barbara.jpegLoving God, whose service calls forth

Courage in Your
servant’s soul,

We here gathered
sing the praise of

One who bravely
reached heav’n’s goal.

Claiming Christ
as only Savior,

Scorning those
with evil planned,

Now with
white-robed brilliance vested,

Near Your throne
she finds her stand.

Teach us, as You
taught St. Barb’ra,

How to love and
serve Your Name

That our hearts
may not be conquered

By our fears or
love of fame.

As she loved You
to her last breath,

Give us strength
to faithful be,

That our witness
may be fearless

And our lives
unfeigned and free.

Glory be to God,
the Father,

Glory be to God,
the Son,

Glory be to God,
the Spirit:

Glory to the

From the virgin
choirs of heaven

And from tempted
saints below,

Endless hymns
and praise unceasing

Shall from all
our hearts e’er flow.

J. Michael Thompson, © copyright.