St Rose of Lima.JPGCome, bride of Christ, and receive the crown, which the Lord has prepared for you for ever.

O God, for love of You our sister Rose gave up everything to devote herself to a life of penance. By the help of her prayers may we imitate her selfless way of life on earth and enjoy the fullness of Your blessings in heaven.
The amazing things happen through the saints. A case in point, Rose, after reading of St Catherine began a deeper life of penance and of faith. She cut her hair, began wearing penitential clothing and more time in a period of prayer and fasting. Rose took a vow of virginity in an effort to unite herself more closely to the Lord.
At 20 Rose took the Dominican habit and lived a more intense life of penance in reparation for offenses against God, especially in matters of idolatry that was found in Peru, he home and for the souls in purgatory.
Rose was born 20 April 1586 and died on August 30, 1617. Clement IX beatified Rose in 1667 and Pope Clement X canonized Rose in 1671. Rose is the first American saint, that is, she is the first saint of the Americas.