Crossroads Cultural Center logo.jpgThere are a few good opportunities to take our lives seriously. One such opportunity is the Crossroads Cultural Center that looks “to offer opportunities for education, making it possible to look with openness, curiosity and critical judgment at every aspect of reality.” Crossroads takes Saint Paul’s exhortation to “test everything; retain what is good” with 

The Crossroads Cultural Center was founded in 2004 and is a project of The Human Adventure Corporation, the New York based center of Communion and Liberation USA. It is a not-for-profit organization interfacing with education, culture, faith, politics, science viz. with reality and Ultimate Reality, God.
The Paper Clippings on the Crossroads website collects valuable reading material in one place. A very helpful aspect of the work done by the people at Crossroads. Recent articles placed on Paper Clippings are: What is Paganism?, Eternal adolescence, People matter, etc. See for yourself, Paper Clippings.
There are regular Crossroads events in New York, Washington, DC, Houston, Chicago, Boston and New Bedford, MA. And, I am happy to say there are some Crossroads events in New Haven, CT periodically.