Tom Roslak with his Mom May 16 2010.jpgToday was a glorious day! Besides the picture perfect day it was a perfect day to celebrate Mass for the first time by the recently ordained.  A few seminarians and I had the privilege to be a part of the “First Mass festivities” of Father Thomas A. Roslak at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Staten Island, NY.

The new priest did a very good job celebrating the Mass, leading others in prayer: he’ll be a great priest.

Father Thomas’ family and friends came to pray and to spend time with each other on this special day. Twelve priests from the archdiocese assisted 

Tom Roslak with his Mom2 May 16 2010.jpg

at Mass. The host pastor, Father Robert Aufieri was a most gracious and delightful host to all of us.
Thomas Roslak, RJ Aufieri and seminarians May 16 2010.jpg
Fathers Aufieri & Roslak PAZ, Kareem Smith Robert Rodriquez and Richard Mirano
Dan Tuite with friends.jpg
Father Daniel Tuite with some friends.