The just man will flourish like the palm tree. Planted in the courts of God’s house, he will grow great like the cedars of Lebanon, alleluia.

Lord God, You were pleased to raise Giles to the heights of exalted contemplation. Through his intercession grant that we may always direct our actions to You and attain the peace which surpasses all understanding.
Blessed Giles of Assisi was among the very first companions of Saint Francis of Assisi. Unlettered, Giles devoted himself to the pious life: everything he set out to do was squarely focussed on God. In fact, one observes in the hagiography Giles relentlessly seeking God’s face and strongly urging others to the same. Giles did what the Lord asks of us: to be in relationship with Him. He once told Pope Gregory IX, who was looking for counsel from Giles, that he had to have two eyes of the soul: one eye fixed on matters of heaven and the other matters of earth. His life and preaching was simple but his goal was sublime. After speaking with Saint Bonaventure who at the time was a theologian and provincial, Giles understood that prayer and contemplation was possible for all people. Have at it.
May Blessed Giles lead us to the face of Christ.