Seal of Confession and Canadian Law.jpgThe Seal of Confession and Canadian Law by Gregory
Zubacz (Wilson & Lafleur, 2009)

This book is a study on the seal of
confession. This topic goes to the root of the relationship between
Church and State, which has challenged and troubled law makers, politicians,
judges and scholars since the Reformation of the 16th century. It traces
the development of the sacrament of confession from its beginnings in the early
Christian Church both in the East and the West. The author follows the
developments of the historical Church Councils, Pontiffs and scholars,
directing confessors to maintain absolute confidentiality, privacy and silence
concerning what is heard in confession from a penitent. Civilly, the work
explores the threads from the English speaking legal jurisdictions around the
world. This book is a compelling read for every student of the law and human

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Gregory J. Zubacz has taught several courses
on canon law at the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute at Saint Paul
University in Canada. His work experience includes work for the
Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and other federal branches of
government. In canon law, he had served as the Defender of the Bond for
the Marriage Tribunals of Ottawa and Winnipeg. 

From the Author

“Not only
does the secular world need to have a clear understanding of the canon law; the
Church and its clergy also need an accurate perspective on their rights and
obligations at civil law with regard to the seal of confession.”