Absolution will not the only remedy for the a group like the Legion of Christ as it had in 1956 when another apostolic visitation happened. True, substantive reform of the spiritual life and formation will have to take place if it hopes to survive. Legion can’t continue in the way has been for the last 50 years; the old guard can’t run things any more, and honesty has got to reign. AND God willing Pope Benedict will demand changes.

Sandro Magister’s piece today is an eye-opener. Read “Legionaries. The ‘Nomenklatura’ That Must Disappear.” If everything Magister says is true –and there is no reason to doubt his facts– then there’s no reason to believe that the Legion of Christ will survive present scrutiny. Plus, a cosmetics’ change will only be more deception than the current issues: sweeping things under the rug are just not tenable.

The problem, as I’ve said in the past, is what to do with all the young men who in good faith , honesty and certainty entered the Legion of Christ to pursue a vocation to religious life and priesthood not knowing the details of their founder’s sinful past, the Legion’s suspicious ways of proceeding when it comes to accounts of conscience, reading of the seminarian’s mail, radical separation from family, etc…all the cult like aspects one hears about.
I’m hearing that a few local dioceses are getting requests of current Legionary priests for incardination. But how much can a diocese absorb? Well, we have a need and many of the guys seeking a change are excellent, well-trained men who love sincerely love Christ and the Church…but they have baggage. In my own diocese we’ve already taken in three former legionaries and in another diocese there is as many a five seeking a transfer.
Holy Spirit, advocate for us!