The teaching of truth was in his mouth, and no wrong was found on his lips. he walked with me in peace and justice, and turned many away from wickedness.

Almighty God, You attracted Saint Conrad through his zeal for justice to serve You faithfully in the desert. Through his prayers may we live justly and piously, and happily succeed in coming to You.
Once a careless, married man from a noble family, Conrad of Piacenza turned his life over to Christ. After a hunting incident where property was damaged, he cleared a falsely accused man and man restitution. A pious man, he entered more deeply into a life with Christ crucified. In fact, his wife entered a Poor Clare monastery and he became a hermit and followed the Franciscan Third Order Rule. Conrad did penance for his sins and the sins of the world. Conrad died in 1351. The pious legend says that he died before the crucifix
The Church never canonized Conrad but bestowed on him the title of ‘saint’. Pope Leo X established a liturgical memorial in 1515 and Pope Urban VIII extended Conrad’s liturgical feastday to all Franciscans in 1625. He’s the patron saint for those living with a hernia.