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As you know, 21 November 2009 the Holy Father held an
audience in Rome with a number of prominent artists, musicians and architects.
In support of his efforts, a number of Catholic architects, academics,
musicologists, journalists have drafted a letter of appeal to Pope Benedict
offering considerations for the recovery the sacred arts in support of the sacred

I have attached the English draft translation for your consideration.
This is still in draft form, but is substantially in place. Appeal to His Holiness.pdf

A Congress on
Sacred Art in Rome is being planned next year to draw attention to the issue.
At present, we are still looking to get the word out, and to enlist signatories
of architects, artists, academics, journalists, cultural critics, clergy,
concerned laity, and the like to add their support to this endeavor.

Would you
please visit the website to become a signatory to this letter, and forward this email to your own circle
of influence, and perhaps give it some space where ever you publish or