Dulles exhibit.jpgRecently, Fordham University’s Walsh Library, in collaboration
with one of Cardinal Avery Dulles‘ closest collaborators, Dominican Sister
Ann-Marie Kirmse, displayed many of the cardinal’s possessions. It brings together the many intimate things of Avery Dulles who died 12 December.

The exhibit
gives us
another testimony to the great American Jesuit priest, theologian,
cardinal and friend. As Sister Ann-Marie observed: “At that [at the cardinal’s burial] moment, I
realized that the love Cardinal Dulles had for God, his family, his friends and
colleagues, his Jesuit community, his students, and his country are an
important part of his legacy as well.”

The cardinal would’ve been 91 on the 24th and it’s hard to believe that in year since his celebratory birthday party that he’s gone to God and now we are viewing the various elements of grace. The Fordham exhibit is a tribute to genteelness and greatness. The exhibit closes December 23.