Today is the 22nd anniversary of death of my paternal grandfather, Julius Zalonski. He died after nearly four months of serious health issues. In 1987, Grampi was the first of my grandparents to go to the Lord. His death, like all deaths in a family leave a hole the heart, even 22 years later.

I find the fact that I had four grandparents as a part of life for my first 18 years is in fact a singular grace. He was a strong, quiet, serious, faithful man. The countless times I spent with my grandfather are still very present to me. My grandfather was a steel worker and a farmer, a brother, a husband and father of 4, and a grandfather of 6.
Lord God, almighty Father, You have made the cross for us a sign of strength and marked us as Yours in the sacrament of the resurrection. Now that you have freed our brother Julius from this mortal life make him one with Your saints in heaven.