In a Wall Street Journal article Christopher Willcox explains why Archbishop Timothy Dolan will be received by the John Paul Generation. Read the article.


I have no doubt that the Servant of God Pope John Paul II is making his intercession before the Throne of Grace for the Church in New York, and for the effective, holy pastoral service of the new archbishop. AND I also think with Archbishop Dolan’s nomination to the See of New York we’ll be identifying key aspects of the current pope’s approach to theology and saying “Pope Benedict generation” is leading the charge in proclaiming Christ in the 21st century. Remembering that the faith is always proposed and never imposed the proclamation of the Gospel has little to with politics and much to do with the Truth and salvation. If we neglect the fact the Church is first a sacrament before it’s a sociology then we’ve lost a major piece in knowing Christ. The question is whether we believe in the promises of the hundred-fold of Jesus.