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Thumbnail image for St Jude.jpgThe Western Church holds that Simon serve the Lord in Egypt by preaching the new faith and he eventually joined Jude in taking the Gospel to Persia, modern-day Iran, and were martyred. One figures that great apostles, as all apostles were close to Jesus, would have their own liturgical memorial. We, however, are left wondering why Simon and Jude ended up being honored together in the Liturgy. One writer makes the claim that Ss. Simon and Jude needed each other. He writes:


“Without one another, Simon and Jude would likely have been martyred far earlier in their lives. Together they were a formidable pair, each bearing the gifts necessary to the life of the other. Jude was always there to mediate and reconcile the abrasions created by Simon’s zeal; Simon was always there to speak on behalf of Jude and protect him from those who would take advantage of his gentleness.” (Sam Portaro. Brightest and Best:  A Companion to the Lesser Feasts and Fasts. Boston: Cowley Publications, 1998. 191.)


O God, Who through Thy blessed Apostles Simon and Jude has brought us unto knowledge of Thy Name, grant us both to celebrate their eternal glory by making progress in virtues and by celebrating their glory to advance in virtue.


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